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You have lost weight once but you are finding it difficult to remain that way


You must have worked very hard at reducing your body fat like never before. Rigorous gym training for months together and a strict diet regime must have taken a toll on you. You had shown great resolve of getting into shape by cutting excess fat but now find yourself inching back to the old shape which is giving you jitters and some sleepless nights. Well, it is very normal as well as natural for the body fat to make a come back once you quit your daily regime. What should you do to fight it off permanently? Or is there a durable solution? This is better said than done. Which brings us to the moot point of our discussion, what could be done so that body fat does not make a comeback. It’s anybody’s guess!

weight loss trainingBurning accumulated fats is the only way to fight it off. The body performs its function of consuming food and nutrients in order to produce energy for daily needs. What does not get spent gets deposited under the skin as fats. In a way, the solution is quite before your very eyes. Don’t go back to your earlier unhealthy eating program after a successful weight loss. Though you may still have to observe a healthy diet plan but a regular work out is definitely required to stay in good shape. I have listed below some rules that worked for me and hope they would work for you too. But please remember to consult your fitness expert before taking my advice.

Rule 1: Some weight training is absolutely necessary. Lifting weights works on at least two counts. It helps build muscle and lose fats as well. This puts you in good shape and rebuilds lost confidence. The only thing that is required is patience. Do not give up on lifting weights since you think you may not have to lose much weight. It definitely shows great results as it helps to tone up the body and can be built into a regular regime. Either a morning or an evening work out, both are as good.

weight trainingRule 2: Make a plan that suits you and you think you will be able to stick to on a long-term basis. Quitting working-out after committing is just as bad as over-exerting or over estimating your own abilities. You may wish to mix and match some of the exercises at the gym and a few other freehand exercises, please go head but only after a word of advice of your trainer.

Rule 3: Take proper advice of your trainer on what and how much food you need to consume while on the work-out regime. Do not make your own judgements because you might be awfully wrong in your estimate or calculations. Your trainer may put you on a protein diet if need be.

weight lossRule 4: After all, one more gulp is not too much. Indulge yourself in a short binge of regular food once in a while that would help you de-stress from the rigors of following a strict plan. Congratulate yourself for sticking to the plan more often than not.       

Rule 5: The other important aspect is leading an active and a non-sedentary lifestyle. A long and brisk walk in the morning will surely help. If you go out to work by your vehicle, walk all the way from across the parking lot to your workplace. While inside office, try to fetch a glass of water or tea or coffee all by yourself. This gives you a much-needed break and a good reason to burn a few calories. It also helps you relax your muscles.

This should help you to live healthy by following a regular exercise plan on a long-term basis.    



  1. Harvinder June 23, 2018

    Nice tips

  2. bhushan August 27, 2018

    very nice. now i follow all the articless from the website.


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