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You cannot change the beginning but you can surely achieve a brand-new end

You cannot change the beginning but you can surely achieve a brand-new end

Chanakaya April 11, 2018

All of us plan for a better future. Be it a plan about a trivial task or a job to be accomplished or going out on a vacation or purchasing something. In spite of our best efforts and elaborate time spent making best workable plan, still things do not always turn out the way they were intended in the start. Consequently, we are unable to achieve the desired result. Certainly, we must have invested our time, effort & money and this is the reason why we feel dejected and demoralized at failing to achieve the desired outcome, feeling thoroughly enervated and overwhelmed with pessimistic thoughts. It is the sense of loss that makes us feel disoriented and distraught. In this moment, nothing seems to be working right and it appears that everyone is conspiring against us, to defeat us. The entire world seems to have shattered to pieces. Most of us would shut ourselves away from the reality of life and seek seclusion from friends, family and society. Crying alone in a corner away from the gaze of people seems to be the only thing that gives us solace and succor.


Don’t fret if you cannot change the beginning to give a brand-new start, but you can change the ways now and give it a brand-new end. You would agree that the events of the past cannot be changed or expunged, however, we can change the future by making suitable efforts in the right direction in the present. It is best to assess your efforts and the result these bear after a suitable interval of time. If you discover a flaw then it’s time to think calmly about what needs to be changed or how it is to be handled differently to put you back on course of achieving the desired goal. This means that the situation is ever changing and dynamic. One needs to continuously remain in control of the events that constitute achievement of ultimate success. How does one climb a high mountain? Simple answer is ‘step by step’. In similar manner, one should make daily progress, howsoever small, towards achieving the goal so that each day you actually come closer to your goal. This way you will prevent stress from developing inside you. Definition of success is different for different people. For students, the goal could be succeeding at the grade exams, for a salesperson, success could mean achieving the target number of sales, for a back-office person, success means most number of error-free processing.  


More often than not, you will come across hurdles and obstacles in all spheres of your work whether personal or professional. It is your mindset coupled with your skillset that determines the chances of achieving success in a particular task. It is therefore necessary to keep a cool head and think logically about the current problem and devise ways to overcome it. If you are able to keep a cool head atop your shoulders, you will be able to find a good solution to the current problem and it will wither away in due course of time. You will witness a new kind of sunrise the next morning that you might not have seen in ages. When you will look back at your accomplishments, they will give you enough reasons to be proud of, smile and bask in its glory for as long as you live. Your achievements will serve as a source of positive energy that fill you with optimism of the highest order. For those who buckle under the weight of the problem, they stand to lose the opportunity to shine, revel in the glory and a chance to turn into real gold.

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  1. Anchal Sethi April 18, 2018

    The FINE Conscience will earn Universal RESPECT and CONFIDENCE

  2. Sumanjeet May 12, 2018

    Great read Look forward to every article

  3. Kavita Satdev September 5, 2018

    Inspirational article for achieving success

  4. Divya Dhingra June 24, 2019

    So true. The past is inalterable . It is the present that determines the future


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