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Why is maintaining a healthy lifestyle so important?


You think all is well with you as your recent medical test report is just fine without a single figure breaching the prescribed range of values. Do you realise that this single report does not say much unless juxtaposed with a few previous years’ reports and analysed for some visible trend in the movement of figures in a particular direction? A single report only gives a static idea but no indication of a progression of your health and specifically development of an ailment. Of course, all this is true only if the medical tests are perfectly reliable. So, check for the trend by analysing at least three years reports. There are broadly two factors that decide what direction does your health take which include the genetic and the environmental factors. It is the genetic factors which are not in one’s control as these are biological and more to do with what you are innately made of. In spite of your best efforts you are still likely to develop a condition or an ailment to which your internal machinery is predisposed. For these factors the doctors check if blood relations have had similar problem in the past or have a general tendency or a predilection to certain medical conditions or there is a history of heredity aliments.


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Genetic factors lead to further aggravation when coupled with environmental factors that serve to hasten the decline towards bad health. Even in healthy individuals without genetic or hereditary disorders, environmental factors could trigger the onset of an ailment or ill health. Some of the primary environmental factors include lifestyle, weather, anxiety and stress level.Modern lifestyle is a cluster of various factors such as consuming unhealthy and unhygienic food at odd times, alcohol and cigarette consumption, irregular or no exercising regimen, too much travel, indulging in extreme sports, sleeping too little, not taking enough water etc. Demands of the profession take undue toll on young lives exposing them to stressful situations like meeting targets and deadlines. When coupled with long working hours 6 days a week, little or no rest, continuous bouts of hyper activity spent anxiously, spell doom for one’s health.Tensions and crushing demands in personal life at the home front too can disrupt lives as well as play havoc with your hormones.

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Putting up weight and becoming lazy are two most natural things that almost anyone can fall prey to. Sedentary office jobs cause further aggravation. You do not have to do a thing for these two conditions to drown you completely. Once you have been inundated, extricating yourself from their clutches is a difficult task. You return home after office so tired that you hog like a pig and immediately afterwards hit the bed and sleep like a log. Sunday is no different, on the contrary it is a full version of the trailer you portray every day. Your Sunday is never complete unless you clock a good 12 hours of sleep, skipping breakfast and waking up just in time for lunch. Every resolution that you made during the week or the promises you made to your better half, get broken on this auspicious day, often with dire results. Since this has become a regular feature for as long as you can remember, no one keeps any hope or expectation out of you that you will ever change your habit.


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How long do you think this can go on? How much is enough?

Would it not be desirable if you could go to bed early and wake early too to take a salubrious walk before you hit for work in the morning. Walking five hours a week or forty-five minutes a day can do so much good to you to keep all your figures on the medical report in check. An elevated heart rate of about 150 beats per minute for at least 20 minutes can keep the cardiovascular diseases, like hypertension, stroke and heart failure at bay. It will always be a good idea to find an agreeable and a willing partner who would give you company to keep you in the tracks more often than not. Who else could be a better partner that your spouse? To ward off an early onset of old age symptoms it is important to start strength training at your local gym at an early stage say 35 to 40 years, if not already doing so. Muscles, ligaments and nerves get strengthened and continue to perform optimal functions till much later in life. Do consult your doctor and personal trainer before going off for a flying start.

body pain

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Do not underestimate or ignore any of the symptoms that your body is trying to throw at you. A pain, howsoever minor can become the first sign of a developing ill health or an ailment. Visit a GP to rule out the seriousness of the condition. Ordinarily, we forget to keep our self hydrated at all times. Consuming 2 to 3 liters of water a day is good for the body. Not only does water flush out all the toxins from the system but it helps carry nutrients to the cells, regulates body temperature and softens tissues.  It also reduces incidence of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Healthy food

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A healthy breakfast that consists of boiled eggs, nuts, fruits, porridge, cornflakes and oats gives a perfect start to the day. At least 3 to 4 portions of vegetables cooked on slow flame with low fat oil along with Indian bread, salads and curd in the afternoon is a perfect recipe. Avoid charred vegetables as these might have lost their useful nutrients. A number of researches across the world suggest that 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases by at least one-third. Fruits and vegetables provide you with fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants while relying heavily on non-vegetarian food or meats may not be as beneficial. Irregular meal timings as well as unhealthy meals containing excess quantity of salt, spices, carbohydrates and saturated oil does not promote good health.This could result in hypertension (or high blood pressure) and obesity which are precursors of  many diseases and portends bad future health.If you have a bulging waistline, it is a sure sign of some sinister things to come.Take cognizance of the same and make efforts to reduce the bulge in a time bound manner.

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What lifestyle changes you need to make to become healthier?


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