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We might reply on the official mails staying within the realms of decency but actually mean just the opposite. There are few of these instances.

office communications

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  1. Sorry I don’t mean it.

Actually I wanted say……you asshole, I really mean it, I wanted to give you a piece of my mind

  1. The figures look a little skewed.

Actually I wanted to say….you fool, don’t you know even this much.

  1. I don’t like telling this to you that…

Actually I wanted say….I am absolutely fine in giving this shattering news to you.

  1. Frankly speaking, the plan looks somewhat awkward.

Actually I wanted to say….only an idiot could have made such a dumb plan

  1. Don’t hate me if I tell you that…

Actually I wanted to say…you will definitely hate me when I tell you that…

  1. You are a little late for the meeting.

Actually I wanted to say…the meeting is almost over, get lost?

  1. I will be a little late…

Actually I wanted to say…I will be a lot late, don’t wait for me.

  1. I like you but…

Actually I wanted to say….I don’t like you at all.



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