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Meet yourself for your own good


When did you talk with yourself last? Not in a cursory or a superfluous manner, but in the real sense that matters. When did you meaningfully discuss the most pressing problem with your alter ego and ultimately received good advice worth adopting. May be some of you would not have had a chance to take the discussion before your inner-self and for most others, for as far back as you can recall, might not have pondered upon such a possibility. To you it might sound a bit perplexing to know that you may call upon your alter ego and engage with it.

It is a reality that most of us are as displaced and detached from one’s own self just like any stranger would be. We seem to know our own self the least! This seems shocking but true, a fallacy but not quite. You might say, how can you not know your-own-self? Is it really possible? There is an inherent sense of disbelief that while you have been living with your-own-self for many years since the time you were born and still not know your-own-self enough. In this situation, we seem to be perfectly cut off from our own self, with the result that we are unaware of our most innate thoughts and feelings that guide and control our destiny without us realizing that it is actually so. We are also unaware of our true potential and hence we never harnessed it. In fact, we keep drifting in the physical world just like the earth drifts in the empty universe. The earth can manage a purposeless drift without much repercussions but we as humans cannot afford a similar feat since we possess an intellect and a consciousness that beckons us all the time nudging to act in a particular manner. This is what distinguishes humans from everything else.

spiritual-happinessOne thing that defines our inner self is that it never lies. It tells you your most innate concerns and fears. If a particular thing arouses some feelings inside you, these are the true feelings that are being felt by your inner self or the soul. The inner self provides a true advice and serves to guide an individual in tumultuous times and beckons you to tread cautiously. Listening and paying heed to the inner voice more often than not serves one a lot of good. It warns you of any impending dangers that you might face in future.

Many a times you face challenging and unprecedented situations that might require you to make extraordinary life changing decisions. At this moment whom do you rely upon to navigate you towards safe quarters? No one except your-own-inner-self. Does it not happen that you might move in quickly to reply to a particular question in the affirmative but within your own heart, only you know your deepest fears and apprehensions, anxiety and concerns, your strengths and weaknesses. Do you not pay heed to these words of wisdom? You might as well seek the advice of your inner self?

happyTherefore, it is very important that your inner-self should be adept and evolved in understanding myriad complex matters such as feelings of love, compassion, sympathy, pity, morality, righteousness, sensitivity, rectitude as well as feelings of apathy, turpitude, depravity and improbity etc. Thus we see an urgent need to develop, nurture and nourish our inner-self so as to navigate effortlessly through demanding situations by relying upon good counsel provided by it. Remember, in strained times when all we need is a superior advice to see us through. It is a pity that most of us do not expend efforts to develop our inner self. Consequently, the inner self or the consciousness remains underdeveloped and plays no part in saving a situation by projecting a rescue plan. Some of us are completely occupied with taking care of the comforts of the physical self. Playing to the pleasures of the body may not lead you to a life of fulfilment and contentedness but nourishing your inner self will surely lead to improvement in quality of life that comes from an enlightened inner self. Once the inner self has been awakened, you will soon realise the irrelevance and redundancy of lot many traditional structures that now stand demolished. What you see now, is a new light that dispels the blinding darkness heralding a new dawn like never before.  



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