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Healthy plan

Healthy plan

Chanakaya February 12, 2018

In the modern times one thing that keeps us occupied anxiously is the health and safety considerations of our loved ones. An important parameter that determines the overall health is the quality of food that we eat. You will surely agree that we spend a lot more time thinking about matters relating to our health and wellbeing especially around the kind of food that we consume and the habits that we follow? Though, the food intake largely depends on pleasure to the taste buds and personal preferences but given the benefits of healthy foods it becomes a matter of self-determination and long-term goals on health that you wish to achieve.

Yes, it is true and very much so that health is actually in your hands. Traditionally the phrase ‘Health in your hands’ captures the essence of implementing or following ‘physical health and hygiene’ measures by being sensitive around these concerns for an overall general wellbeing of an individual. The more one is aware about what constitutes or determines a healthier life and a plan on how this goal can be achieved, only then can one work towards its achievement, leading to the desired ‘health’ goal. All of us know that jogging regularly as against sporadically or not at all, has many salubrious effects on the body and mind.

Given this widely accepted fact, how many of us do actually build it as a habit into a strict regime of daily drill? Focusing only on exercising without paying heed to our food and calorie intake is like reading half a book or watching half a movie, it is never a complete or a holistic approach. We should know better to curb our cravings of unhealthy food that is fried, spicy or that containing high amounts of fats and carbs and at the same time exercising regularly. Many a times, we give in to the visual and sensory appeal of unhealthy foods and fall for the pleasure of our taste buds by munching indiscreetly. Very few of us have an inbuilt guilt mechanism that kicks in when one appears to be just falling for these kinds of food items and simultaneously sends an instruction to the brain to stay clear of their fascination and charm.

jogaroundNot everyone has a strong mechanism to withstand the onslaught of seemingly delicious food consequently leading to really bad long term internal health. Sooner than you think, it will reflect your outside health as well, like a pot belly, reduced stamina, low or high Blood pressure, frequent breathlessness, diabetes and heart disease. Giving into the so called irresistible cravings for unhealthy food is like putting ‘oil in the fire’ that keeps increasing and ultimately becomes difficult to give up. Naturally, humans have a habit of procrastinating all schedules of activities that affect us positively in a healthy way while moving with alacrity into adopting the unhealthy ones.

This is where the better sense should prevail when a choice of foods, forming good food habits and adopting a workout schedule, need to be made for a brighter and healthier future. Self-control and better judgment together forms the key to lead a healthier life. The body and the inbuilt guilt mechanism have to work in tandem to subvert the cravings of ‘pleasure foods’ that may be unhealthy (not necessarily unhygienic). It is oneself who has to decide what works and what does not for her or him, given the specific circumstances, the background and the secret promises made to self or others. Once we learn to tame our senses by gaining better control over our own self, especially those seeking pleasure through food, we may have learnt the most important and deeper lesson on how to stay healthier always.



  1. Kapil March 26, 2018

    Very nice article..

  2. K R Ranganaghan April 1, 2018



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