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Food Adulteration – even worse than corruption (1)


There are many factors that decide what our overall health is going to be like. Top among them are quality of food that we eat and the exercise regimen we follow. Consuming unhealthy and unhygienic foods and taking little or no exercise are sure shot ways to invite bad health. Another factor that is responsible for bad health is substance abuse, for example consuming too much alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. However, one of the things that casts most pernicious effect on the overall health of the entire population and that may escape your careful consideration, is the adulterated food that we are forced to eat. While all others are slow processes but consuming adulterated foods is immediate and sure way to turn unhealthy and fall sick. Do you feel that in the recent times there has been a spurt in cases of cancer? Do you often suspect the quality of food that you purchase from the market is not up to the mark?

food adulteration

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Do you often complain of common medical conditions like constipation, stomach ache, loss of appetite, hair fall, delayed or missed periods, general body pain etc. Probably, consumption of adulterated food is the biggest reason why this is so. It is a reality that there is an ever-increasing number of people falling sick and even losing lives due to the consumption of adulterated food products. Today, the market is flooded with adulterated food items such as milk, cheese, sweets, pulses, snacks, spices, cooking oils, baby food etc. You name it and it is on the list. Adulteration is a common and widespread scourge that we are facing and fighting day in and day out. It is difficult to find unadulterated or pure food anymore. So much so that every item that we purchase raises our suspicion that it might have been adulterated. Just consider items of daily consumption such as fruits, vegetables and milk. Are you aware that artificial colours and sweeteners are added or injected into fruits and vegetables to ripen and sweeten them artificially and make them look attractive that boosts sales of such adulterated items? Haven’t we heard of unscrupulous people selling adulterated milk and milk products such as sweets and cheese? It should not surprise us when various surveys reveal compromised health and immunity of our young ones in spite of the fact that they are consuming all the essential nutrients in foods that we give them. It is the purity of these foods that is a major cause of concern. It is a grave problem of our times that knows no bounds and it is time that we raise our voice against it to save our family and children from its harmful effects. We should not tolerate it any more than we have done already. Let’s join our hands together and start a nationwide movement to raise awareness as well as to put an end to the menace of adulteration in foods.

Do you think a lot more needs to be done in this aspect so that this scourge can be thoroughly uprooted from the country? Join the national movement at #IndiaAgainstFoodAdulteration

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