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Everyone deserves a second chance


We all recognise the fact and have experienced it too, that life is full of sweet as well as bitter moments. If life is about predictable and favourable moments, it is also about uncertain and adverse ones. The journey of life takes us on a roller coaster ride through all its ups and downs of emotions, vicissitudes, happiness and sadness. There is an inevitable transition of times, just as seasons, when life seems beautiful and when it does not seem that way. There are events that make us elated and ones that leave us devastated. In a nutshell, life is actually a mixed bag of good and bad moments and events. It is not always a sweet story of triumph, it is as much a painful story of defeat and downfall, a story that has a mix of all the ingredients lending life its true nature and colour. 

Everyone deserves a second chance

One important feature of life is that it throws open a sea of opportunities every moment. No two moments in life are the same. It behoves and devolves upon us to seize the opportunity to our benefit and carve out a glorious future for ourselves. It beckons us to do more and more in the hope to achieve more and satisfy our craving. Seizing the opportunity always calls for some bold and daring decisions followed by immense action. Those having tonnes of entrepreneurial skills and surfeit of initiative will be the ones to march ahead boldly and establish their supremacy. In spite of best efforts and pure intentions, all do not achieve success. A student might have prepared well but ultimately could not get selected in the entrance exam, a sportsperson might not have won a medal in Olympics, a professional might not have received a promotion and an appraisal. A child in his eagerness and curiosity might attempt a jump, little realising that in the process he might get hurt. In similar manner in order to achieve something amazing and spectacular, one may need to keep an open mind and try out all the possible ways and means to achieve the objectives. In this pursuit one might not meet with desired success all the time, nevertheless one has to keep the morale and tempo high and take further attempts in the hope to succeed one day. In order to test the waters and see how far one can fly, one may have met with failure or disaster initially. It is true that each time you fail, you break down physically as well as mentally but the charm of success and the desire to meet ultimate success should be so great that any number of unsuccessful attempts cannot break your resolve to succeed.


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In spite of your best efforts to lead life to its full, still there can be much gap between what you desire and what you get out of it. No matter how hard one tries to make it smooth and sweet, there remains a lot to be desired. You might want to live life on your own terms and conditions but something prevents you from doing so. Many a times, an opportunity might have presented itself before you and you might have given it a try and in the process, you might have broken your wings. It is absolutely fine to have hurt yourself in an attempt to learn to fly than to have never attempted flying. But your resolve should remain intact that nudges you to fly again and again till you succeed.   

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The moot question is, when one meets with failure what should one do? Should you let failure get the better of you or should you pick up the broken wings and give a befitting reply by preparing to fly again. When you fail, you become wiser than you were previously before experiencing failure. After failing, you know what not to do as well as what will take you closer to success. You draw a mental plan of doing things differently this time. You pull all your reserve acumen and capabilities and redirect them into one single goal of achieving the purpose. In fact, with each failure, your resolve and chance to attain success should increase manifold. If you choose to give up, you deny yourself the chance of feel on top of the world with success at your feet. So, don’t just give up till you succeed. The truth is that even if you give up, the life does not stop, it proceeds the way it does with or without you. You soon learn that nothing changes around you, just that the circumstances have shattered you while no one seems to care much about your plight. Is your life so inconsequential that you choose to let it go without fighting back? So, pick yourself up and sharpen the weapons in your arsenal and mount another attempt, be well prepared and confident that life can’t give you another slip.

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The human spirit is indomitable and irrepressible, make the best of it and pile up a few monumental accomplishments that will give you an opportunity to revel in their glory for a lifetime.



  1. Kapil September 8, 2018

    Nudges me to recollect my thoughts and try once again to do what I always wanted to do… Great read indeed..

  2. Divya September 8, 2018

    True… Web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together …… One cannot give up…

  3. Kavita Satdev September 8, 2018

    Excellent read..which inspires us to explore our capabilities and progress further in journey of life to lead a happy and purposeful life..Rightly said..failures are the stepping stones to success..

  4. Shivani Tuli September 10, 2018

    Superb .
    Very comforting words. Life is about finding wisdom in your wrongs and success in the little rights we do .
    Great article

  5. Sangeeta March 8, 2019

    Very nicely phrased and inspiring article.


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