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A life less lonely


Life is a long journey that knows no end. It is an interminable sequence of events that unfolds before our very eyes, keeping us thoroughly occupied, engaged and involved all the time. Each day is a new experience that promises to enthral us beyond limits. You would surely feel that at times life becomes mechanical and mundane and at others it is lively and joyful. The events that greet us during a typical day in our lives, is a mix of pleasing as well as distressing moments. No two moments in life are same just like two scenes in a movie or a trip to some exotic location. In this long journey, there are bound to be some dry and barren patches as well as pleasing verdant greens. Life constitutes all that exists between the birth and the death. I find life to be thoroughly magical in the sense that it plays out a different symphony or a movie before each individual even though they live side by side. Their descriptions about life, how each person views it, is also different. It is a never-ending circle of alternating sad and happy moments, one following the other at close quarters. No matter how wistfully you want life to stop at a particular moment so that you can continue to bask in its pleasant form, it never conforms to your wishes.

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We do not seem to understand the importance of living in the present moment as we keep brooding over the past and worrying about the future. Consequently, we do not live the present moment to its full. This takes away all the fun and enjoyment out of our lives. We keep saving by pruning current expenses and consequently never get around to using those savings. In this situation, we keep drifting from moment to moment and day to day. This same schedule continues over and over without us realising what’s amiss and soon start harbouring a feeling that life is hollow and meaningless. We find ourselves standing on an island, lonely and desolate. Who is to be blamed? Is leading life just about passing the available time between the birth and death? Remember, your life is God’s finest gift to you and what you do in your lifetime is your gift back to God.

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For some people, who see life as nothing more than a one-way road to riches, it is all about procuring the comforts and conveniences such as big houses, gadgets, cars, trips, material possessions etc. As long as they get their more-than-fair share of these material wealth, they are happy and contended. Nothing can unsettle their state of mind as all their demands have been met. The idea of doing something more in life like a few acts of kindness, benevolence and charity does not enter their head since they have an inward view of life. They do not want to donate or do anything to alleviate suffering of their fellow brethren. They seem to enjoy their own pleasures irrespective of how much misery exists in the world. Such people continue to live with a deep void in their lives without ever realising the same, until some enlightened soul seizes the opportunity to initiate them into a bit of divinity and spirituality to kindle feelings of compassion, empathy and selflessness.  

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Life never stops, for anyone or at anyone’s command. Neither do opportunities wait forever. To derive the best out of life, one has to keep a constant vigil to grab suitable opportunities and never let them go by without delivering their due benefit. You may face some temporary setbacks but remember that we all shall live out our destinies irrespective of how bad the going is or how long our hardships last. A carefully thought out and well executed plan will bear sweet fruits someday, if not immediately. Most of us talk of what we have achieved in our lives but what actually matters in the end is what we have become in our lifetime. Have you become more sensitive, compassionate and empathetic?

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Life is short and uncertain. All that is considered good in life, should start as early as possible rather waiting for it indefinitely. All of us have a much-desired wish or two that we want to achieve. The sooner you prepare yourself on the path of achieving the same, the better it is. We do not have the luxury of wasting our time or waiting for some opportune moment that might not seem quite near. On the contrary we should take control of our lives and make things happen that produces pleasing results. If this is not done then we remain devoid and deprived of all the concomitant happiness. Life is cruel and mean. We find ourselves standing alone in this world fending for ourselves. Some of us are loved and cared but what about others. Are they equally loved and cared? Not necessarily. Not all of us will get to enjoy the comforts and luxuries that others might be bestowed or endowed with. Not all of us will achieve every wish we nurture. Some of us will spend our entire lives working towards achieving them and still not get around to making them a reality. While others might not have to expend too much effort or time in achieving their wishes. Having a desire or a purpose, makes life meaningful. For unfortunate few, life is cut short by some cruel stroke of bad luck. Given that life is more of a struggle than a cakewalk, therefore it would take more than just a casual effort at making the ends meet.

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Life is too hard and dry. The daily rigmarole of life is bound to leave us enervated, demoralised and depressed. The hardships of life tend to bend and break us, and sap our vigour and vitality. Just as one season does not last forever, in similar manner hardships too will not last forever and subsequently give way to enduring peace and happiness. We should keep the faith that someday hardships will see an end and the doors to heaven will open. What is important is to remain sanguine and not give up before the onset of good times. It is your choice what you want life to be, a symphony or a cacophony. In this journey called life, what is important is to have a companion in some form who understands, guides and motivates you. Also compels you to stay on course until you achieve what your destiny holds in store for you. Your companion could be God, a person, a thought or an ideology that you believe in, that soothes, alleviates and assuages your miseries and plight. Virtues such as morality, righteousness and compassion could serve as your perfect companion. Assess your achievements in terms of the number of people you have assisted in mending their broken lives. And in doing so you have brought smiles to their faces. Are there people who crave for your company whose eyes light up whenever they remember you? Are there people in whose lives you have brought hope when they had none? Are there people whom you might have helped financially without letting them know about this gesture of yours or carping about it even once?          

You have achieved much in life and it is not at all lonely.


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