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You need a regular detox


Don’t you agree with me that at times you find it too burdensome and tiring to carry on with your usual daily schedule as if you have run out of energy and wish to opt out of the race of daily grind. On the lighter side, you contemplate early retirement and taking up farming in the hills for the rest of your life! This ridiculous idea vanishes as soon it comes to your mind. What you need the most is a welcome break to kill all the monotony that was ever part of your life. You also want to discard the concept of ‘business as usual’ since nothing makes any sense anymore. Nothing seems more pleasing and enjoyable than a well-deserved escape from the chores of the household and usual business at your workplace. You have worked too hard and too long at a stretch that life seems to be obnoxiously distasteful and bland. What is most dispiriting and troublesome is meeting daily deadlines and living by the clock. If you happen to dishonour or disrespect those timelines, you are doomed and have to face dire consequences. The betrayal is almost unthinkable. Be it the arrival of your child’s school bus in the morning, time of arrival of support staff such as driver, maid, cleaner, gardener, washer man etc, your office biometric attendance, the meetings throughout the day, everything in timebound. You have been postponing all the personal tasks and cramming them in neat timeslots in the weekend. You soon realise that the entire weekend is stuffed with routine tasks and there is nothing left as ‘me time’. Not only this, the greatest spoilsport is played by unpredictable traffic in the morning as well as the evening time. And when the traffic snarls turn into an interminable sprint towards home, you are sure to feel the heat and, in this situation, you find it difficult to keep a straight face adorning a big smile. Observing these sacrosanct time frames, day in and day out, is both neck breaking and stressful to say the least. A long morning jog would not tire you as much as running against time would. Simple activities when performed against strict timelines have devastating effect on the hormonal activity inside the body that is enough to blow your top off. So, what do you do? How do you combat the situation?

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Do you appreciate that feeling worn out, dispirited and depleted is as much to do with the mental state as with the physical? Just thinking about all the tasks that lie ahead in the day can wear you out. Working continuously without a break and necessary recuperation will lead you to physical breakdown. Therefore, it is important to reverse the cycle of stress by providing relief and relaxation in order to detoxify the overworked system. Would you corroborate with me when I say that a seemingly innocuous activity such as sitting idle without assuming any kind of stress or tension will do a lot of good to most of us? You would definitely find idling and lazing around to be most relaxing activity as there is no present and immediate load on the mind which helps it to unwind and relax. It would be a good idea to snatch some free time, every now and then, from your busy schedule that might seem nothing less than a far-fetched luxury. Although you seem to have never got this opportunity but making one is all that matters if you wish to destress yourself. There may be few moments when you disengage yourself from your daily duties and let the mind wander aimlessly, throwing random thoughts of your childhood, college, friends, parents, anecdotes etc. Just being lazy and lying on the couch or the bed and offering yourself a great invigorating cup of tea or coffee can be a source of the most powerful detox. You can do this each day and quickly restore lost balance and peace of mind. How else can you detoxify yourself effectively?

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Another effective detox is a hearty talk with a fast friend. We all know that man is a social as well as an emotional being. It is true that keeping your emotions and feelings tightly bundled inside your heart might be the reason of an emotional breakdown. All emotions and feelings need a vent to pass off. Have you ever felt a great burden been taken off your heart after a hearty talk with a friend? During these talks, you never know, your friend might suggest a way out of a grave problem that you might be facing. An unrestrained and hearty laughter can relieve us of all the stress that may have accumulated inside us. This is a natural detox that we all are endowed with.


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Entertaining yourself is as important as performing your regular household and professional duties. Some of us forget to build the entertainment portfolio into our daily schedule while waiting for a long weekend to accomplish the same which might not seem to be nearing fulfilment. An occasional and unplanned visit to the cinema for the latest movie or the games ‘n’ fun place for an evening of pool, bowling, carrom etc might do a lot of good to you due to the infused element of surprise. Some of you might discover fondness for a new Netflix series that has taken the world by storm. So, while you are engaged with these activities, your mind gets distracted away from the normal scheduled activities of a typical working day and this is what brings relief and relaxation to the mind and the body.


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Taking up some hobby classes like Zumba dance, Bonsai art, foreign language, personality grooming classes, cookery etc might take away monotony and boredom. In the process you get to learn new things as well as meet unknown people and making new friends. You might be motivated to open up to these new people and make unrestrained efforts at creating bonds of friendship. You are sure that these new friends would not judge you or pass unwanted comments as the relationship remains semi-formal. You can relax and converse with them without any baggage of the past and also fear of passing any information. If you are lucky you might just find someone, much like yourself and happy to spend time with.

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You might never have thought of making a spiritual trip that attempts to develop your inner self. I suggest you should enrol in one such group just to find out if there is any resonance with your own interests. Once you start on this journey, you might discover something hitherto unknown to you. Ruminating and meditating to win inner peace has been on your mind but you could never get around to doing them either for paucity of time or not prioritising enough. If you get this chance, I suggest, you should indulge for the sake of experience if not for anything else.

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Another way of detoxifying your system is by taking up some sport and a fitness club membership. You might have been wanting to take up some sport such as badminton, volleyball, basketball or any other. You might have to make an effort at finding like minded people in your neighbourhood or workplace who like these games too. Then it just boils down to agreeing to the most convenient time slot in which to play. We might not realise the power of a good physical workout that does so much good to the body as well as the mind. So, take a membership and grab the chance to visit your neighbourhood fitness center and sweat it out. Download and offload all your worries and tensions while you work out your muscles and infuse strength inside your body.


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You have always escaped to an exotic location either inland or foreign whenever you got an opportunity. US, Europe, Dubai and Australia have been popular foreign destinations while Shimla, Manali, Nanital, Darjeeling, Ooty and Mount Abu have been popular domestic places. If you wish to keep a low budget and make the most in least time frame, you might consider checking into a hotel in your own city for at least three nights. This way you could just calm your nerves by detaching from your normal schedule and at the same time indulging in all the activities like spa, swimming, fine dining and watching TV. Sometimes it is very important to just offload all the burden and the pressure that has come to sit on your mind. 

Now you know what kind of detox therapy works best for you.


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  1. Divya Dhingra May 20, 2019

    Yes. Totally agree. We al need a break from the regular monotony. Thankfully there is no dearth of options and resources. now

  2. Kavita Satdev May 20, 2019

    Truely.. entertainment is very important in our life as it provides relief from the stress and pressures of everyday life. It also aids in health, happiness and well being.


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