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The evolution of Indian ethos and society – part 1


None would ever agree that his is anything but a tolerant and an inclusive society. Communities and societies the world over, hold different views about various pertinent matters that appeal to their sensibilities and values they cherish. A society evolves continuously and takes up distinguished form at every moment of time with every momentous event. Going by this understanding, we can say with enough confidence that a modern society anywhere in the world is a distant cousin of the ancient and original one it started with. Over time, a society evolves as per the pattern of behavior and actions of people that make it up. What the people think, prefer and attach value to, has a deep impact on how the modern society appears at a given point of time. The process of assimilation of various diverse set of things continues unabated. Sometimes, there is an impactful event such as the confluence of two cultures or traditions to evolve a completely new entity.

religious tolerance in india

A society that is open, inclusive and democratic acts like a catalyst in the presence of which creativity and innovation grow by leaps and bounds. People have no fear to their lives and have no apprehensions about their safety and security, as the rule of law reigns supreme. There are rules for everything as well as institutional autonomy of the highest order, away from any undue interference and counterproductive overregulation. Corrupt practices and nepotism are unheard of. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone irrespective of their ethnicity or cultural background. For each individual member there lies a universe of opportunities that can foster infinite or limitless personal growth. A society as a whole makes considerable progress towards advancement and prosperity thus making the society more vibrant and lively. All the fields like science, arts, culture and commerce among many others, flourish and attain higher levels of success. For example, the European society has great achievements to its credit both scientific as well as art & culture. There have been great social and natural philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes etc. that have shaped the society in the long past. Their ideas and theories have had great and indelible effect on the way the society has evolved. In the modern times the scientists like Newton, Galileo Edison, Maxwell, Thompson, Chadwick, Rutherford, Graham Bell, Einstein, Faraday, Heisenberg, Planck among many more have expanded our knowledge in the field of science. Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Beethoven, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, Michelangelo, Pollock, etc. have been greatest artists and composers that have enthralled the world with their masterpiece compositions.

Rural-&-tribalWhat we are today is in some way, however small, a reflection of what we started with, the Indus Valley civilization