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Open your heart and let the winds of change blow you over


Only now do I realise, each drop of water that touches my body seems to be doing so much good to me, washing away my worries and taking away my troubles. Only today I am consciously aware of the soothing effect of gushing warm water as if I am experiencing it for the very first time. Standing beneath the shower, I raise my head and look up at the little nozzles, so tirelessly at work, oozing thin streams of warm water impinging my face and body. I am completely overwhelmed by the warm feeling it evokes inside me which is not just skin deep but powerful enough to inundate my soul as well. The water on its way down provides a gentle healing touch to my entire body making all the numbness due to ambient cold vanish in a matter of few seconds. The pleasure hitherto unknown. I swear to God, I have never felt anything like this ever before. I am surprised that an insignificant and perfunctory activity like daily ablution engendered a heavenly feeling inside me only now, never in the past. My mind begins to wonder as to why did it arouse a different feeling only now? It had been the same shower for years and water too (just joking) then what could be the possible reason? May be, it is the consciousness inside me that is making me aware of the pleasure that lay hidden all these years.

shower bathing

Image Credit: Velaner

I am a fitness freak and have been taking morning walk for years now. Knowing that every activity settles down to a steady state in time and maturity, each day I wade through familiar walking tracks, landscapes, outdoors and meet known faces in roughly the same morning time-slot. Once in a while I find one or two new faces who happen to trot an unknown territory only to give up a day or two later for showing poor commitment to their own health. Those who have cultivated the habit of taking salubrious morning walks make regular appearances in the park no matter how bad the weather is on a particular day. And yet again the scene appears absolutely vivid today, the sky is brighter and the trees are greener than usual. There is something in the air that tells me that things are not the same. My mind wonders why everything seems so awesome. I meet and greet everyone on the track and check out how they are doing. One, Williamson, a regular at the park is nowhere to be seen which makes me wonder what happened to him. Another gentleman tells me that he and his wife are gone to Australia to meet their son. I am thoroughly relieved at hearing the good news about the family reunion in a faraway land. Deep in my heart, I just wish them well and continue with my walk.

Morning Walk

Image Credit: samacharlive

As a child I used to play violin but gave it up after college at the start of my first job as professional demands soared and could not find enough time to spare. Besides, two of the strings snapped long back and rendered it unusable which explains why I had to give it up altogether. Consequently, the violin was flung out of sight and relegated to a corner of the house for years and only recently something told me to pick it up yet again. I took enough pains to get it repaired not for nothing. I have now started playing it regularly which has given me another reason to rejoice life and discover renewed happiness, though late in life. We all have a hobby or two which is worth taking up to rediscover lost happiness. I don’t know why I have picked up lost treasure?

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Like everybody else, I too get bombarded with some unwanted calls on a daily basis. Normally I would baulk at such invasion of privacy and burst out at the tele-callers. All this makes me soil my tongue as well as burn my blood while temper rises. No one needs unsolicited advice about all that is wrong with you or those who try to be extra nosy in your private affairs, be it personal or financial. Surprisingly enough, I take all the calls and am not at all mad at them. Today I maintain my equanimity and tell very politely that their service would not be needed and if I do require it in future, I would call back. I add the icing in the end, ‘Thanks for calling me and apprising me of the service’. There has been a marked change in my attitude and handle everything with tranquillity.

lunch at hotel

Image Credit: TripAdvisor

In the afternoon I am invited for lunch at a nearby restaurant that boasts of mouth-watering delectable cuisines. And while the order is taking time to fulfil, I observe out the window the falling leaves in the autumn season that somehow seem to resemble showering blessings from heaven. The leaves while falling reflect sunlight in my direction that makes them appear golden in colour shining at different angles. The wind makes whistling sound as it rushes through the leaves and branches that still adorn the tress. The dry leaves give out a characteristic sound while they roll on the ground in response to the cool wind dragging them. Looking at the scene, I am lost in old memories when parents used to take me and my siblings, out for once-in-a-month ritual to feast upon the delicacies of great Indian street food. I vividly recall the festive exuberance and all that we did was enjoy and take pride and comfort in each other’s company thoroughly lost in mouthful gulps of all that there was on the table.

Man driving his car

Image Credit: LiftO

I have generally not been a very patient or a cool driver. I usually take offence at anyone who makes me drive either slower or faster than the set speed limits. I don’t like zig-zag driving or anyone obstructing my path when I am at the wheel. I also do not like the passengers instructing me to follow the rules or to take a particular route or tell that the gear that I am driving in is wrong. I generally do not overspeed or break signals unless I am mad enough on some days, may be once in the month. I am relatively not as rash as others on the road but generally angry at the way people drive. I keep swearing and blurting foul language looking at all the violations people do while driving. But I am extra cool today, not taking undue offence or getting perturbed or angry at fellow drivers. I am just unlike myself today as if something has come over me. I have become disciplined, patient and polite all of a sudden. God knows what has befallen me. I am enjoying my drive, in busy city traffic, to the music of a soulful song that is playing inside my car.

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Definitely there is something different today. Life seems to have presented itself in totally new light as well as colour. It is really unusual that I am conscious as well as aware of the little things around me as if for the first time. I am immensely surprised that even little things in daily life are capable of giving me unprecedented joy and happiness. Was it to do with my state of mind or keeping a loving and a compassionate heart? I am absorbing same old scenes and images but with repositioned frame of mind and a benign heart, all seems so much worth enjoying. I know for sure that it is my heart that feels different today craving for positivity, youthfulness, vitality and happiness in all that I am doing. There is no visible difference in my environment that could be the reason for my new-found happiness. It is a palpable feeling of optimism that seeks happiness in everything no matter how small or insignificant it is. I decide not to go to office rather work from home so that I can be a little lazy and continue to bask in the little pleasures of life.

The Best Coworking

Image Credit: Medellin Living

In the usual course of work life, my mind would be preoccupied with thoughts around my professional tasks and responsibilities, thinking out ways to protect and consolidate my position at the office, overshadow my colleagues and win promotions, appraisals, financial rewards and bonuses. Each day of my work life had been packed with tight schedules of activities towards fulfilment of professional tasks in the run up to earning a decent livelihood for myself and my family, many a times overstretching timelines encroaching upon personal and family prerogatives. It’s like living life in the fast lane as if each moment in all those thoroughly maddening years had been mortgaged to my employer. In all this professional chase I, somewhere down the road, forgot to lead my own life and enjoy all the things that I have come to possess. It is seen that in chasing one’s professional dreams, one becomes too engrossed, blind and insensitive to the little pleasures that life holds in its lap like the chirping of birds, sound of rain drops beating against the roof and the sound of wind whistling through the leaves. In our daily rigmarole, we forget to imbibe the pleasures of these simple activities that are seemingly trivial and measly but nevertheless essential part of daily existence that make our life beautiful. The nature has an immense power to heal all the maladies of life and make it worth living.

Open your heart and let the winds of change blow you over



  1. Kavita January 28, 2019

    Very true..we should try to enjoy the simple pleasures of life to make it worth living.

  2. Kavita Satdev January 29, 2019

    Very true..we must try to enjoy simple pleasures of life and make life worth living.

  3. Geeta Wason January 29, 2019

    Trust me as I write that it is the most real and true to my life article that I am reading.it is all about these small pleasures that we can derive out of our lives the minute we change our priorities. Be it like the routine shower , to our regular morning walks, to the morning cup of tea can all be enjoyed and felt grateful for if there is calmness and tranquillity of mind in this gift called L


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