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Life is ours we live it our way


You might find the topic resonating so well with your own thoughts in the sense that you always nurtured a wish to lead your life on your own terms? Isn’t it true that you want to be your own boss and do not wish to take orders from another person? This feeling is born out of an individual’s free spirit that knows no boundaries or restrictions of any sort including those of subordination and subjugation. It just wants to fly far and wide and soar high as much as it can against the backdrop of limitless blue skies. In a nutshell, you want to be in full control of yourself as well as your life. You also wish to take bold and confident strides on the road in the journey of life and derive complete satisfaction of steering your life your own way. After all, life is ours and we live it our way. You do not like to be told about what to do or not to do or that you are doing it all wrong. You dread, fear and despise the phrase ‘do as I say’ tooth nail and skin and you will pull up a big fight if anyone were to tell this to you. You wish to maintain and retain your autonomy and independence in decision making as well as choosing the direction your life takes rather than succumbing to other people’s wishes and desires. If you do not take control of your life then the chances that someone else will call the shots are huge and odds loaded against you. Going by what others tell you is fraught with a lot of risk as it might turn out to be an alien choice that you are not comfortable with and goes against your very own fibre and grain, nature and habit too. 

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Don’t you believe that doing all that your heart desires and listening to your inner voice is a thoroughly liberating and pleasurable experience? On the contrary if you get way led or guided by others then you soon lose your identity as well as the way in the journey of life. When you lead your life your own way, you are completely responsible for your actions and decisions and you derive full satisfaction from the outcome so achieved. In this situation, the credit (as well as the discredit) rests squarely upon your own shoulders and this is something that brings great joy and pride to most of us. You bask in the glory of success that your decisions have led you to. This can serve as a source of inspiration not just to you alone but the entire generation of people who follow you or look up to you. It’s just one life you have got, why would you not want to make it big?

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It is a reality that no one knows and understands you as you yourself do. Consequently, you take the well suited and appropriate decisions, both promptly as well as decisively, that serve your best interests. You are comfortable in your own skin and know exactly what your fears and apprehensions are. Not only this, you are also aware of your areas of strength and where your supremacy lies. It is much easier said than achieved as most people fail to introspect and do a self-appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses. If one is not aware of the same, then attempting to rely on your own judgement might not deliver the expected good results. It may only aggravate the situation and land yourself in a pitiable condition. It is therefore of utmost importance that you recognise your own self and know your own nature, character, habits, strengths and weaknesses etc. You should be thoroughly aware and knowledgeable of the repercussions that your actions might lead you to having equal probability of turning out to be pleasant or unpleasant. If God forbid, the results are unpleasant or unfavorable then whom would you blame? It is therefore said that making an informed decision is the key to achieving sweet results. Thinking deeply about the problem from all angles, viewpoints and perspectives can however increase your chances of achieving sweet success manifold. You should be able to think deeply on all these fronts which comes from vast experience that one derives by manoeuvring down the road called life and boldly facing all the hardships that you encounter on this road. Learning from the situations and people around you, makes you a wise person. How to mitigate a problem and come out unscathed and victorious is what experience teaches you. This experience can only be imbibed in real time and real-life situations rather than learning in a class as an academic exercise. You cannot completely and thoroughly learn flying an aeroplane in a computer simulation in the laboratory or making tea by listening to your mother. One needs to fly a real plane and face real dangers to be able to gather enough strength and courage. While taking a practice test, you might simulate the real exam like conditions but the mental temperament of taking a real test can never be achieved completely. Hence the importance of real-life situations cannot be stressed more.


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No matter how much you want to stay in control of your own life, there are people around us who adamantly and stubbornly push their own way, influencing and interfering with their uncalled advices, comments and opinions. They practice ‘Go my way or take the highway’. They fail to realise that just as they themselves hate taking instructions and following the herd, similarly others too do not like to do the same. My kind advice to such people is to stop preaching and delivering sermons and mend their ways before it is too late. In today’s world no one likes to follow anyone blindly, even his or her parent, a teacher or a boss at office. The leader needs to be logical, coherent and reasonable apart from being convincing as well.

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Decisions concerning academics, education, health, career, job, matrimony etc. decide the direction your life takes in the future. Each of these decisions is potent enough to take you to an entirely different trajectory in life. Good and sound decisions can lead you to success while bad or untimely decisions can take you far away from success. Once these decisions are taken, you commit yourself fully towards achieving your goals. It is important to consider these decisions with a cool head and careful planning rather than making impulsive and involuntary choices or relying on others’ opinions. When in doubt seek well considered opinion of experienced people who are truthful and sincere and also sensitive towards protecting your interests. After all, it is your life you wish to make it big and successful.



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    A very crisp and concisely written article describing the true feelings an individual experiences.. very well articulated

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    It’s true.. always follow you dreams and heart desires to lead a happy, contended and successful life.

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