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Inquisitiveness and curiosity are the key drivers of all scientific achievements


There is absolutely no doubt that humans have achieved a lot more in the last 300 years than anything ever in the past since our journey began thousands of years ago. The inventions of electricity and magnetism are considered to be the most enduring and profound of them all. It is a reality that every 5 years the speed of the computers doubles and size reduces to half. Can you believe that approximately 20 kilograms of electrical circuits, some 30 years back, have been reduced and squeezed into a chip no more in size than a thumbnail weighing a few milligrams? It is quite evident that newer technology and scientific research are fueling this unprecedented growth. Consequently, the mobile phones of today are many times more powerful than the computers of say 20 or even 10 years back. Things such as Internet-of-things (IOT), automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are silently creeping into our lives and making us wonder in amazement where are we heading to and the kind of outcomes we are witnessing.

innovationAt the heart of all the innovation and scientific development lies our insatiable curiosity and inquisitiveness that have propelled this growth at a scorching pace, for there can never be anything more overpowering than this. It is the indomitable and insurmountable human quest for knowledge that craves for more and more, thus taking us to higher levels of achievement with every attempt. Our curiosity is tantamount to the spark that ignites the intellectual faculties. Being inquisitive takes us to an excited and an elevated state where we desire for more and consequently achieve more out of our concerted and heightened efforts. The origin of all the scientific achievements lies in our mind and only later translated into physical shape in the form of a product or a service. Take for example, the invention of an innocuous and humble looking electric bulb. Before its invention, the nights were soaked in partial darkness. Our homes and cities bore a picture completely different from what they project today that of magnificent and blinding illumination. Till before the invention, the only option man had, was an oil lamp that lit up whatever little it could. Thanks to one man, Thomas Edison who did not agree to continue to live in darkness like everyone else up till that time. It was just one man’s quest to light up the nights that would otherwise be plunged in darkness. Similarly, it was one man’s quest to discover what lies beyond the skies that led to the beginning of space exploration missions. These interplanetary and interstellar missions have sent back enormous amounts of data about the universe that has led to massive expansion of our understanding. Today we know not just our own solar system but also the galaxy and much of our Universe. Again, it was our quest to discover what matter is made of that led to the discovery of sub atomic particles like electrons, protons and neutrons as well as other related things. Today we know a great deal about the structure of an atom and how it works. Similarly, it was our quest and inquisitiveness that led to inventions like a fountain pen, a printing press, a hydraulic lift, telephone, an airplane etc. among much more.

Artificial intelligence

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In this whole journey, it is our craving, motivation and willingness that makes all this possible. Take an example of a child, unless the child craves for food any amount of forceful feeding will not help. In similar manner it is we who have to be, not just ready, but motivated and willing to be able to exert efforts in the right direction and in a best possible manner with an underlying thought that something spectacular and monumental is in the making. You will definitely agree that there is much difference between just doing a job in order to comply as a formality or escape a punishment and doing it well in a way that inspires awe and pleases all. What makes the difference so perceptible and glaring?

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It is important to look out for novel ways to engage, interact and confront the known body of knowledge. Why should we just become complacent with the extant state of affairs? Do you agree that there is always something called better which overrides the present set of things and makes the past methods redundant and obsolete in due course of time? Do you think, until now travel and tourism was not a promising business and that booking of hotel rooms was not thriving? So why should one find newer ways of connecting the hotels and customers? So where was the need to develop apps with multimodal transport and huge offerings of cash back and freebies? Clear trip, Make my trip, yatraa etc. are doing brisk business. This example just proves that one can innovate an existing business as needs evolve over time, even if it is an old business. Have people not been availing taxi services since time immemorial? Then what explains the success of Uber and Ola? What I wish to demonstrated before you is that there is an opportunity in almost everything that you set your eyes upon provided there is a desire to reinvent. Did the market place not exist before the advent of Flipkart and Amazon? These companies thought of a new way of connecting customers and sellers.TechnologyAll this is possible because of technology interventions. The way the market assessed the products and services was thoroughly disrupted in an abrupt manner. How technology can be used to solve an existing problem, a bottleneck or provide a better solution if one exists already. A new offer or a new packaging or a new delivery channel could also be classified as innovation especially when a technology is used for the first time that leads to superior customer experience replacing the earlier mode. We live in very conducive and opportune time as there is much acceptance about new and novel models of business coupled with availability of venture funds to support the business start-ups.

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It is our eagerness and inquisitiveness that helps us solve age-old and intractable problem using modern technology leading to life changing solutions.     


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