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How deep is your love? The field effect

How deep is your love? The field effect

Chanakaya April 27, 2020

“The fact that I am physically away from you in a faraway land, does not mean that I love you any less or my love for you will wane. Perhaps I love you even more now when I am away.” 

These were the words of my fast friend who captured the feelings of love in a succinct manner while she was away on an official tour for three months in a faraway place and official compulsions forced me to stay back. This thought, not just tears into our basic understanding of love but also tore my heart realising that I would have to live a parched life for as long as she was away. It seems to be an unconventional statement of sorts that does not go down well with most of us as our common perception of love is contrary to the thought expressed. How can one love the other from a distance? We fail to understand that there can be a love that is not physical, one that does not need proximity or closeness in space. Whilst most of us view love as physical relationship between two people, however there can be another kind of love that is far above and beyond, having no shape or form and still be a source of great strength and courage to those in love. I am referring to the love that is spiritual and eternal too.     

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Tangible love is the most predominant kind of love we all are familiar with, that fills our physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, feel and smell. All of us give in to the demands of the body and plunge neck deep into the desire to satisfy the needs of our senses. Tangible love is much too universal in nature as well as a necessity for the continuation in life as procreation hinges on it. The need to physically associate is so overpowering that we go to any extent to douse the fire of romantic escapades. In contrast, spiritual love is at a pedestal way above the pleasure of the physical senses that which needs no physical contact between two people. It can only be felt by the heart and works over large distances. Given this fact, we can very well imagine that it can operate at an astronomical level too! Theoretically, it should be possible to exert forces of spiritual love at two diametrically opposite corners of the universe! The same is not true for tangible love. It is restricted to the contact or physical closeness between two people and does not operate from a distance. Spiritual love does not wane or die in difficult situations or when there are storms in life or as a result of infractions of the body. The law of nature says that everything physical is destructible including the body. Just as human spirit is immortal, spiritual love is immortal too. Spiritual love continues to exist between people when bodies cease to exist, or have been consigned to graves or fire. 

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What does love mean to you? In response to this simple and innocuous question most people start by narrating how love manifests rather what it actually is, since there is no way one can define it without using plethora of words that describe feelings. Ordinarily, we construe love, to be some form of care, concern, liking, attraction, attachment, intimacy, closeness or infatuation. Though these words come very close to the actual definition but still don’t do complete justice to the word ‘love’. It is a very powerful word that represents a bunch of emotions potent enough to move mountains. Nothing can stand for too long against the ‘power of love’ for everything comes tumbling down into a crash when standing against it. The power of love is so immense that it can change the direction of winds as well as tides in the sea! It can mend broken hearts and lives. It can even change the hearts of the most hardened and die-hard criminals, butchers and savages and turn them into saints while nothing else could reform them. When love blossoms, negative feelings get deflated and ominous dark clouds of doubt get dispersed.   

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If you ruminate a little, you will come to understand that love is actually a property of empty space since it needs no medium to propagate. It only needs two benevolent hearts where it flourishes and prospers. In other words, there is always a person at which it is directed or it emanates from. Love casts an invisible connection between two people who nurture it even while they are positioned afar from each other. Irrespective of the distance between them, the signal of love is always strong and healthy. At some point in your life, you must have felt that you were a changed person just by thinking about the person you were in love with? When love starts, it engenders a sweet feeling deep inside that is pure and infallible, only next to Godliness. The other person’s mere presence is enough to cast a spell on you and change the way you feel. Just a picture of him or her in the metaphysical space of your mind is enough to set your feelings ablaze and take you to a different world altogether. The person whom we love is able to bring about a sea change in us and do so much more, all from a distance without the necessity of a physical contact. I prefer to call it the ‘field effect’.

How strong is your field effect? 

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