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Go on and indulge in all your favorite foods…but cautiously and prudently


It is good to eat healthy foods and observe a healthy daily routine that helps you to ward off unwanted weight gain and also helps you to keep in great shape. It is good news if you have been leading a healthy life one that is free of illness and disease . Do you think that you have been overdoing it a little too much? You might also feel that since you have a sedentary lifestyle more out of your profession than habit, therefore it is not OK to hog to your heart’s content and spoil yourself by overeating.

healthy foods

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Have you felt that at times life has become too insipid and tasteless following a strict healthy diet over an extended period of time and the craving for the guilt foods might become all too compelling? It is quite natural as well as acceptable to nurse such feeling and provide a much needed respite to your taste buds. So go ahead and give yourself a treat of all that you considered a sin. But to consume items such as fried, oily, salty and sugary is actually a sin that does not remain so if it is done to satisfy your cravings and derive contentment out of a rare surrender. The submission is acceptable as long as it does not become a reason to give up upon your healthy habit. A short and sudden submission is not considered bad unless it becomes extensive, frequent and long dalliance with unhealthy foods. As for me, I have not given up on anything except white and crystalline sugar, pizzas and colas. I revel in pure pleasure of enjoying a fair amount of foods like cakes, citrus fruits, chocolates and low cheese burgers but very rarely. This is a way to enjoy and still not get egregiously affected by the harmful effects of such foods. Actually a long term exposure or consumption of sin foods should be a cause for worry, any occasional binges are not all that harmful. It is easy to understand that your lifestyle is the major factor on which your diet plan depends. Any abrupt changes to your diet with callous disrespect to your individual lifestyle may spell doom for your overall fitness.

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Remember, you do not have to eat copious quantities of your favorite sin foods to derive all the pleasure that you crave for. Even a small serving can do the trick and still give you all the pleasure. A quantity more than what is enough to give you thorough satisfaction will increase the magnitude of your guilt and this may have a negative impact to your overall health as well as psyche. Do not consume upto a level where the feelings of guilt and remorse kick in because you will not be able to handle the concomitant stress.

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Colas have high amount of added sugar. Pizzas, burgers, pastas and bread are nothing but refined wheat that is fattening and promotes indigestion and constipation. This is the reason why these are called as junk food. Street food is spicy, oily, salty as well as sweet that is actually very bad for the entire body. Having it once too rarely is all it takes to lift your mood and spirits. As for food like clarified butter or ghee, it is rich in linoleic acid that helps burn belly fat, reduces inflammation and helps strengthen bones. Ghee contains butyrate which is a short chain fatty acid that promotes gut health. Pickles of various varieties help aid digestion and has probiotic effect. Consumption of pickle helps lower blood sugar level after meals. Potatoes are a predominant source of carbohydrates that provide us with energy for day to day tasks. Potatoes contain magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C and antioxidants. Potatoes do not contain any fats.  Coffee is a great mood lifter. However, it contains ‘caffeine’ which is a known carcinogen but it also contains antioxidants. Research shows that consuming more than two cups of coffee a day may not promote good health.

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Just think about why do you have to derive all the pleasure through food only. There are many other ways that give you pleasure and are not as unhealthy as the sin foods. This may be reading, pursuing a hobby, learning a new language, playing a new game, playing a musical instrument, an excursion, a trip or an outing. 

Indulgence is neither a bad word nor sounds like one. So, go on and give yourself a night full of indulgence.           


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