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5 foods that promote gut health


Why should you care about your gut and what does your gut feel tell you? It is in the gut that all the food that you eat gets digested to produce the energy you require for daylong activities. Your gut contains healthy bacteria that assist in proper digestion. And if you happen to munch something awfully unhealthy then your gut feels all the brunt by way of stomach ache and upset digestion. So, if your gut feels sick, you know how bad it feels. Therefore, keeping a healthy gut is all the more important. I have listed 5 foods (in fact 4 only) that promote gut health. Please do consult your physician before heeding my advice.      

  1. A probiotic yogurt
probiotic yogurt

Image Credit: Newhope

Any probiotic food including curd, drink and other dairy products help promote growth of healthy lactobacillus bacteria that helps proper digestion of food. Choose a good brand of probiotic yogurt and consume one portion a day along with your meal.

  1. Apple Cider vinegar
Apple Cider vinegar

Image Credit: Lovegreenlife

When you consume apple cider vinegar your body is nudged to produce hydrochloric acid in the gut that helps digest fats and carbs. Its consumption also reduces bowel irritation. A small quantity on alternate days can be consumed to derive the benefits. Care should be taken to avoid frequent or long-term use. Apple cider helps in promoting weight loss too.

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  1. Garlic

Image Credit: Freepik

Garlic contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and manganese. Among the most prominent benefits of Garlic are preventing common cold, reducing blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of heart disease. In the gut it powers the microbiota that improves gut health.

  1. Warm water
hot water

Image Credit: Reader’s Digest

Sipping warm water increases body temperature and thus the metabolic rate which allows the body to produce more energy or calories. It further stimulates proper digestion and also flushes all toxins from the body apart from cleansing the urinary tract.

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  1. Banana

Image Credit: MyGreen Mart

Banana is rich in fibre and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Banana helps in flushing out toxins, improving digestion and fighting inflammation.



  1. Kapil February 2, 2019

    Great article

  2. Kavita Satdev February 2, 2019

    Truely..gut health is crucial for the health of every other system of our body..so we can try to include gut healthy foods to improve healthy living.

  3. Anshul February 2, 2019

    A true guide book to keep us healthy.

  4. Harsha Ankush February 23, 2019

    After reading this article I can say it will promote gut health. Be Happy And Healthy


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